We specialise in helping our clients communicate with theirs. From concept to delivery, REM Productions has the flexibility to offer each client a totally bespoke service, and one that need not incur any direct costs.

In order to suit each client‘s exact requirements, we will typically propose a variety of business models for a project; these can range from a fully client-funded enterprise, right up to an entirely self-liquidating venture.

With our own expert creative designers and award-winning editorial writers, we are a full-service publisher, able to manage all of our clients‘ publishing ambitions, from the planning and generating of content, through to editing, design, advertising, production and distribution.

From the very outset, we invite each client to take as little or as much involvement in the various stages of development as they like. Whilst welcoming those who wish to fully immerse themselves in all detail at every stage, we fully respect the wishes of others whom may not want to commit such resources throughout each process.

For a consumer-based audience, our clients often seek our help to reinforce their brand and build customer loyalty; in the business-to-business sector, we are more usually to be found producing and delivering technical reference books that are addressed to a very specific readership on an individually-named basis.

To date, our work has encompassed
• Magazines
• Hard-cover books
• Catalogues
• Brochures
• Distribution and mail-outs

On a consultancy basis, we have also advised clients on
• Print production
• Print planning and buying

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" REM continues to delight us with their attention to detail and sheer innovation that they bring to each issue of our guest publication. We consider the quality of their output to be without comparison"

Luca Magni,
Baglioni Hotels
Milan, Italy