Established in the early 1990s, Silversea is recognised as the defining luxury cruise experience. Under private Italian ownership, Silversea operate the highest quality ships in the ultra-luxury segment and offer a product unlike any other. Launching its first ship in 1994, Silversea created a new niche for the ultra-luxury travel market with a class of smaller, purpose-built vessels that could slip into more exotic ports off the beaten path.

These elite and intimate ships are specifically designed for fewer guests, featuring more space and the highest levels of personalised service.

Dining is an exquisite affair with open-seating options so guests dine when, where and with whom they desire. With the importance of food in Italian culture, the entire dining experience is a high priority at Silversea.

An Italian Culinary Journey celebrates the dishes served in La Terrazza, the elegant Italian restaurant found on board each of Silversea's five ships. La Terrazza embraces the concepts of the Slow Food movement, creating dishes using fresh and flavour-filled ingredients sourced from Italian suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to the environment. Working very closely with Silversea's Culinary Director, Rudi Scholdis, REM Productions were able to design, produce and of course publish a wholly bespoke, entirely self-funded book for Silversea that contains some of the most popular dishes from La Terrazza's menu - all of which illustrate Silversea's true Italian heritage. From the traditional and familiar to the complex and exciting, ending with a selection of truly decadent desserts, each dish has been created with the passion that only authentic Italian cuisine can inspire.